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Transitioning to Home Automation: Why You Need a Residential Electrician

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Home automation is the wave of the future, at least that is what they promised way back in the 50’s. Today, many of those home automation features those antiquated infomercials dreamed up are a reality. They do not come standard on new homes like certain features in cars do. Instead, you have to either request and pay for them during new construction, or install them on the home you already have. Either way, you cannot do it without a residential electrician. Here is why. Home Automation Relies Heavily on Electricity Almost all of the signals sent and received by home automation systems require that electrical power be connected and fully operational. All of the home automation devices you can buy have to be connected to a power source. They also have to be connected, via home WiFi, to the internet if you want to use your smartphone or tablet as a control device. All of the options you choose for your personalized home automation system have to be wired into your home’s electrical box/fuse box. The Electrician Devises Creative Solutions for Wiring Nobody wants to see all of the wires you use to automate your home. Sure, you could DIY the job, but ultimately you would have dozens of wires along the floors and/or hanging overhead along the ceilings. That is just not something anyone wants to see, and nobody wants to trip over or touch. The electrician is the only person that can devise creative solutions for wiring and get them well out of sight. He or she will make sure that the wires are all inside the walls, the wires are insulated and will not allow current to jump lines and that your home automation system is fully operational before he/she leaves your home. Only the Electrician Knows Which Wires Go Where If you have ever tried to install something electrical, such as a ceiling fan/light fixture combo, you know the instructions read like a tax document. They will tell you to connect the green wire to the spot marked with an “x” and the blue wire to the yellow wire but not before you connect both wires to the “y” spot. It is absolutely confusing, right? Who needs that when you are dealing with something that could kill you (i.e., electricity) or burn your house down by accident? No, it is best to leave a major project (i.e., home automation) up to the electrician. While you are at it, maybe he/she will put in that ceiling fan for you too. For more information, contact a business such as Excel Electric...

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Signs That Your Home Windows Should Be Replaced

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The windows on a house are very important when it comes to energy efficiency. If you have to spend large amounts of money on energy costs, it might be a sign that you need to get new windows installed. However, there are also a few other signs that you can look for to determine if you need new home windows or not. Here is how to determine if your home windows should be replaced. Air Flows Through the Windows Even if you don’t notice any damage to your home windows, you might want to replace them if air flows through. You will be happy that you made the investment because it can end with your energy costs being a lot lower than they currently are. Air can come through the glass when your windows are old and the panes are thin. It is a good idea to replace the windows with ones that are more modern, such as a type that has multiple panes. Numerous Glass Panes Are Chipped There is no use in keeping home windows that have a large amount of chips in them. The chipped glass makes it easier for air to pass through. The outside of a house is also less appealing when there are numerous chips in the glass. You might only need to get the damaged panes replaced, but all of the windows should be replaced if they are of a low quality. Keep in mind that some chips can be removed from glass panes, such as ones that are not that deep. The Glass is Changing Colors When windows get old, the glass can begin changing colors. Exposure to sunlight is one of the things that cause glass to change colors. The bad thing about discolored glass is that it can interfere with your view out of the windows. The discolored glass can also take away from the curb appeal of your house. It is wise to replace the glass if you don’t want the value of your home to go down. There is Severe Damage to the Frames You might need to get new windows if they are surrounded by damaged frames. If the frames are made out of metal, they should be replaced if they are rusty or bent up. For wooden frames, insect damage, large chips, and rot are a few of the signs that they should be replaced. For more information, talk to a professional like Miller Roofing & Guttering...

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What To Know About River Rock And How To Decorate Your Yard With It

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If you’re looking for a way to add color and style to your yard, you may want to consider landscaping rocks. There are many types of rocks you can use and they come in all sizes and colors. River rocks and pebbles are among the most popular rocks for landscaping use. Here is some information on these rocks and how you can use them. How River Rocks Differ From Ground Rocks The unique thing about river rocks is that they are polished by water currents over time so they have a rounded and smooth appearance. This is different from rocks dug out of the ground that usually have uneven shapes and sharp angles. River rocks come in just about every color imaginable and some have interesting patterns too. The tiny ones are called river pebbles while the larger ones are called river rocks. River Pebbles Make Great Mulch The pebbles make for colorful mulch. They are light enough that they won’t flatten or harm your flowers or plants. They keep weeds at bay and they allow water to filter into the soil. The small pebbles are ideal for landscaping in tight areas or next to your house because they aren’t so large they visually overwhelm the flowers. You’ll need to use some sort of border with the pebbles because they are so lightweight, they’ll move around when you get a hard rain or strong winds. A border keeps them confined so you won’t have to replace them very often. River Rocks Are Ideal For Paths When you buy river rocks in bulk, you’ll get a range of rock sizes. This makes for an interesting pattern when you make a pathway out of the rocks. You can leave the rocks loose, or you can embed them in concrete. If you put them in concrete, you can make a long path or you can make stepping stones. River rocks are also attractive to embed around an inground pool, although you’ll probably want to hire a contractor to do the job properly. You can buy bulk rocks in a mix of colors or you can buy rocks that are color sorted. This allows you to choose rocks in various shades of brown or blue to match the paint of your home. River Rocks Are An Attractive Alternative To Grass If you’re tired of keeping up with lawn maintenance, you may want to replace the grass in your yard with rocks. Be sure this is allowed by your city code first though. Having a rock yard is ideal for a second home when you are away for weeks or months at a time. You’ll never have to worry about grass or weeds growing out of control. Just put down landscaping fabric first to keep weeds and grass from coming up through the rocks. For this big job, you’ll probably need a contractor to deliver a truck load of rocks and spread them around for you. You can choose rocks of the same color, such as beige for most of the lawn and then accent pathways and put a border around your home with a complementing color. Keep in mind, when you buy river rocks in large quantities, the colors may be limited to what is gathered locally since shipping heavy loads of different...

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Should You Use Custom Or Purchased Home Plans?

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If you are planning to build your dream home, you may be trying to decide whether or not you should opt for a fully customized home or stick with plans that you purchase. You may be worried that by purchasing plans, you may end up with a home that looks just like everyone else’s. The following guide can help you determine whether full custom or purchased plans are the better option. Consider the engineering/architecture costs Having completely custom plans drawn up means that everything will need to be engineer-certified in order to have the proper permits granted. This can be quite expensive, especially if changes must be made. Purchased plans often come pre-certified, which means the permit process can go much more smoothly and you will be less likely to be turned down. The certification costs is also lower, since it is subsidized over several buyers. You can still personalize the plans Many plans come with several mix-and-match options that allow you to still have a relatively unique structure. For example, you may be able to choose among several different base configurations that allow you to swap out room numbers, door and window placement, or even the shape of the roof. These options are usually already certified. You can also hire an architect to make some changes to existing plans, but this may require re-certification depending on the extent of the changes. The builder may be familiar with the plans Some builders specialize in building home from specific architects. This means they are well experienced in the style, building needs, and materials used in the home’s design. This may result in a faster or more skilled build, plus the builder may be able to find certain materials at a lower cost simply because they deal in them more often. In fact, a builder that has built from the specific plan before can give you a heads up on any problematic features in the design so you can alter them if desired. Uniqueness is often in the details Another thing to set your mind at ease is that it is still possible to have a unique home, even if you don’t use custom plans. You can alter the roof material, siding, window designs, and countless other exterior and interior features to create the home of your dreams. Combine this with landscaping, and no one will have to know that your home wasn’t a custom plan. For more help, talk to a home builder in your area, such as Cristo...

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Need New Living Room Or Bedroom Flooring? Carpeting Is The Way To Go

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When it comes to choosing flooring for your home, you have many options. Some materials, such as tile and linoleum, are more suited to high traffic areas like the bathroom and kitchen. Many like the look of hardwood floors, but they can require a lot of maintenance. Plush carpeting, on the other hand, is easy to care for and provides warmth, making it the perfect flooring choice for living areas and bedrooms. Here are five other reasons to choose carpeting. Aesthetics Carpeting can be purchased in any color of the rainbow. It is available in a variety of pile styles, ranging from looped low pile, like Berber, to deep, luxurious cut pile like shag. Manufacturing carpeting with combination of these techniques can create eye-catching visual patterns. The color, style, and pattern can all work to enhance the overall design and color palette of the room you are carpeting. Insulation Carpeting provides insulation in a couple of different ways. It insulates against noise. Children playing in their bedrooms upstairs sound a lot noisier running around on hardwood floors than they do on padded carpeting. Walking around a hardwood flooring or tile with heels on will also make much more noise. Carpeting also insulates against the cold. Bare feet on tile will quickly become cold from the floor because it doesn’t retain any heat. Carpeting and its underlying pad actually serves as a layer of insulation, retains heat, and can reduce energy consumption because of the warmth it provides. Safety Hardwood floor and tile in particular can become very slippery. Not only are you more likely to slip on hard flooring choices than carpeting, falling on a hard surface can cause more damage than falling on cushioned carpeting. The extra padding is especially useful for small children and the elderly. Maintenance Keeping carpeting clean is easy; you just have to run a vacuum cleaner over it occasionally and shampoo with a carpet cleaner once or twice a year depending on how much traffic it receives and whether you have pets and children. Other flooring choices require frequent sweeping and mopping. Hardwood flooring also requires periodic waxing and eventually, refinishing. Tile may also need re-grouting eventually or individual tile replacements. Comfort In addition to providing warmth and comfort for your feet, carpeting is just more comfortable than hard flooring. With carpeting, you can curl up on the floor by a sunny window or the fireplace with your favorite book. Getting comfortable on hardwood flooring or tile isn’t going to happen.   For more information, talk to a professional like House Of...

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Residential Fence Security Tips

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Fencing alone won’t make your home more secure. You need to choose a style and implement a design that adds more security, otherwise a fence could provide little more than cover to a potential thief. The following tips can help you design a more secure fence so that your home is better protected. Tip #1: Skip the solid fence A major issue with a solid fence is that you can’t see if anyone is on the other side of it. This provides cover to anyone that manages to get over the fence undetected, since neighbors and passers-by won’t see them trying to break into your home. Wrought iron or iron-look aluminum fencing is a popular choice since you can see through them. Just make sure the bars or fence boards are spaced closely enough so that no one can slip through. Tip #2: Cut down on climbers You also want to focus on fencing made of tall vertical uprights but few horizontal bars so that climbing the fence is difficult. Footholds can be an issues with stone or masonry fences as well, since their irregular surfaces are easier to climb. Tall fences with pointed tops are the best option since these are the hardest to climb. Tip #3: Stop the crawl Squeezing beneath the fence can also be a problem. Consider planting a short thorned hedge, such as holly, along the bottom of the fence to prevent someone from crawling underneath the fence. Just avoid tall hedges that can provide cover to a prospective thief. Another option is to have concrete curbing anchoring the bottom of the fence posts so there is no gap underneath the fence. Tip #4: Don’t overlook your gate When designing a custom gate, consider a roller gate instead of a swinging gate. Roller gates extend completely to the ground so that there is no gap underneath them. The gate should also be tall enough and mimic the spike top design of the rest of the fence to cut down on climbing. Avoid any features around the gate where someone could hide and slip in when the gate is closing, as well. A well lit gate that requires either a code or remote control to open is the most secure choice since you don’t have to get out of your car to open and close it. For more help, talk to a fencing and custom gate contractor in your...

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Steps For Preventing Cooling Tower Corrosion That Can Lead To Costly Leaks And Rupture

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Manufacturing plant owners and managers should always remain aware of the risk corrosion poses for water cooling towers because of the down time and huge expense it can lead to. Taking steps to provide proper preventative maintenance for your cooling towers is vital for its uninterrupted operation. In some manufacturing settings, the water cooled in towers is a necessary part of successful daily production. Learn more about the steps you can take to prevent and identify corrosion that can cause leaks and rupture. Water Contaminants Like Oxygen And Carbon Dioxide When gases like oxygen and carbon dioxide build up in a cooling tower’s water, they create an electrochemical reaction that weakens the metal walls of the tower. If this type of reaction occurs frequently, the walls will eventually become weak enough for the water’s pressure to push through. In some scenarios, a small leak may be the tell-tale sign of imminent rupture. If you know your cooling tower has not had appropriate preventative maintenance, taking steps for leak detection is best before you begin any forms of water treatment for reducing carbon dioxide and/or oxygen. Bear in mind the time it would take to have a leak repaired can be less costly and take less down time than the repairs for a larger rupture. Leaks can be repaired by draining the water and having the inside of the tower cleaned of corrosion and new lining applied. In the case of a serious tower rupture, depending on large it may be, you could be dealing with a complete tower replacement. Lowering The Risk of Corrosion Assigning cooling tower maintenance tasks to a specific group of your employees is a good idea because they will be in charge of the schedule and of keeping a watchful eye out for any signs of degradation that would lead to corrosive activity. Deaeration is a common technique used to remove oxygen from water and is widely used in cooling towers for various types of manufacturers. You might also consider the benefits of metal segregation using a coating of calcium carbonate. When calcium carbonate is placed on the surfaces of metal, it will segregate the metal from any environments that are high risk for corrosion. The role your water cooling towers plays in your manufacturing production is more than likely vital for earning worthwhile profits. Learning how to implement appropriate maintenance is the best way to avoid expensive down time and repairs. For more information, visit sites like...

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Three Things To Look For In A Moving Company When Having Items Moved From One Clinic To Another Clinic

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When you run a clinic and need to move to a larger location, it is important to make sure that all of the equipment in the clinic is moved properly. In order to move all of the items from one clinic to another, they need to be packed and transported in a specific manner. The guide below walks you through a few things to look for when searching for a company to move the medical equipment in your clinic. Consider Having the Items Packed Professionally Hiring a company that specializes in medical equipment packing to pack the items within the clinic for you will ensure that the items are packaged properly. Within the clinic, there are items that need to be kept refrigerated and some that are very fragile. Working with a company that knows how to pack and protect all of the sensitive items will give you peace of mind during the move. Consider Hiring a Company that Does Thorough Background Checks on their Employees Before hiring a company to move the items in your clinic, you need to be sure that the company has done a thorough background check on all of their employees because you will have classified documents that will need to be moved. Much of the equipment that is found in your clinic is also very valuable. Making sure that all of their employees have a clear background will decrease the chances of a mover taking anything during the move. Choose a Moving Company that Has a Temperature Controlled Moving Truck When moving refrigerated substances, it is important to keep them at a specific temperature. Take the time to find a moving company that has a temperature controlled moving truck to ensure that the specimens can be kept at the specific temperature they need to be kept at during the move. It is important to let the moving company know exactly what temperature you need the truck to be set at when setting up your appointment for the move. This will ensure that they are able to set the temperature ahead of time so that it is at the right temperature on the day of the move. It is important to make sure that your new space is available on the day that you plan to move so that all refrigerators can be put into place as soon as possible. Finding a great moving company to help with the move of your medical equipment will ensure that everything is moved safely and make the move as easy as possible. You might want to consider a moving company like Precision Rigging & Contractor...

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Things to Consider When Selecting Blasting Media for Your Construction

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When you’re working with any kind of metal in construction, you need to be sure that the surfaces are properly prepared for any kind of paint finish. Leaving the metal unfinished will lead to exposure damage, like rust and corrosion. One of the best ways to ensure that every surface is clean and ready for paint is through blasting. However, for the blasting process to be successful, you need to choose the right media for the job. Here are a few tips to help you select the media you need for the best possible results. Strip Existing Paint with Aluminum Oxide If there’s any residual paint, oil, or other particles on the surface of the metal, aluminum oxide can strip it away. Just make sure you only use it on harder metal surfaces because aluminum oxide is hard and sharp. That means it will cause pitting in the metal if you use it on something that’s too soft. The typical steel used in construction should hold up to aluminum oxide quite well. Polish Surfaces with Glass Beads If you are going to seal some of the metal against the weather without covering it with paint, consider using glass beads for the blasting in those areas. The surface of the glass beads will polish the metal without causing damage so you get a shiny, smooth finish. Address Heavy-Duty Situations with Carbon Steel If you’re dealing with some particularly heavy steel surfaces and no other blasting media is cleaning it up, using carbon steel grit or shot will typically do the trick. The shot media is usually rounded, so it’s best for surface polishing while the grit is more angular, making sharp edges for stripping rust and paint. When All Else Fails, Go Softer If you’re torn between several different types of media, and you’re not really sure what the metal will handle, opt for the softest one that you can. For example, when you’re dealing with metal, things like baking-soda blasting will be the least abrasive while still getting the job done. Since it isn’t particularly abrasive, you shouldn’t have to worry about having pits and other flaws in the metal when you’re done. Any time you have blasting to do for surface preparations, the right media is essential. With these tips, you’ll be able to keep your construction project rolling by choosing the best media for the surfaces you’re working...

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Own Your Own Business? 2 Tips To Keep Your Parking Lot Looking Great

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A well-maintained property is attractive to customers and could make a difference in people choosing to stop to shop at your business. One type of maintenance you should make sure stays in good condition is your parking lot. This is because this is the first thing people will see when looking at your business. Below are two tips to help you get started in taking proper care of your parking lot. Keep from Dirt and Debris Keeping your parking lot clean not only makes it look nice, but can also help keep your customers safe, as some debris could cause them to trip and fall. Some things left on pavement, such as dirt, will start to deteriorate the paving materials, which would result in high repair bills. To save you time, can hire a street sweeper company to regularly clean it for you. There are different types of sweepers they may use, including: Conventional sweeper: This sweeper has swishing brooms that move from left to right and the debris is collected in a large dustpan. The dustpan is dumped into a large basin when it becomes full. Water: Some street sweeping trucks use water to clean streets and parking lots. As the truck moves over your parking lot, it will spray water through jets that are located underneath it. While the water is sprayed, brush spin to clean the parking lot. Air sweeper: These trucks clean your parking lot with air. There is a hydraulic system on the truck that pumps air from jets. The air loosens and removes dirt and debris. Once loosened, they are vacuumed and placed into a waste container on the truck. For more information, contact Armstrong Sweeping Inc/ASI or a similar company. Parking Spaces Lines Each parking space should have proper line striping so customers know where to park their cars. If your parking lot is not very large, you can do this yourself. One easy way is to mark each line with some chalk and then use this as a guide to know where to paint the lines. When painting, use aerosol water-based dry road paint that can be purchased at most paint stores. Spray the paint over the line. Let the first layer dry complete and apply a second layer. If you have a larger parking lot, there are asphalt striping machines that will do the work for you. If you choose to use this machine on your own, make sure you understand how to use it properly. In most cases, the machine will hold one to two cans of aerosol paint. The machine is guided over each line on wheels to make it easy for you to move it. If you have a large parking lot, you should consider hiring a professional to line stripe it for you. This will save you a lot of time and you would know the job would be done correctly. You also need to watch for damage to your parking lot, such as cracks in the pavement. If found you should repair them immediately before the cracks become much...

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