How To Handle The Mold Remediation Process

30 December 2014
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If your home has a mold issue, the first step you should take involves calling a mold remediation professional. Once you've secured and scheduled an appointment with a contractor for your mold removal needs, there are still steps that you can take in order to help protect you and your family from the harmful effects of living with mold growing in your home. 

Seek Medical Help

Medical problems related to mold may not be immediately obvious. This is why it is important to get yourself and each person who occupied the house during the months before the mold was discovered to go to see a doctor. In some people who are more sensitive, or already have severe allergies, the presence of mold may have a drastic effect. Some symptoms that could be a result of mold exposure include: 

  • Sneezing
  • A runny nose
  • Asthma attacks in those who have asthma
  • Tearing eyes
  • Coughing
  • Wheezing
  • Eye redness

People who have more severe reactions might run a fever or experience trouble breathing comfortably. 

Communicate with Those Around You

If you had visitors stay overnight in the infected home in the months before the mold was discovered, it is important for their health and safety to let them know that you have discovered the mold. 

If you live in an apartment complex, condominium building, university dormitory, town house, triplex, or duplex, it is important that you let your neighbors know about your mold problem if it may affect their living spaces as well. For instance, if the mold was found on or near a wall that you shared with a neighbor, the mold might have been able to spread to the other side of the wall. Because this side of the wall would not be visible to your neighbor, they could waste valuable time and money cleaning up a more advanced mold problem in their unit because you didn't tell them as soon as you found out about mold problem in your unit. 

Stay Vigilant

Once the mold has been completely removed by the professionals that you hired, the part you play in preventing more mold from developing is still critical. It will be up to you to keep an eye on the area where the mold was removed to ensure that it doesn't become moldy again. If you are monitoring the area regularly, you should be able to spot mold early and cleanup should be much easier. Always try to keep the area where the mold first developed from getting too humid or moist, especially in warmer weather. 

Adhering to these three guidelines can help keep your home safe from any further bouts of mold development.