3 Disregarded Benefits Of 24-Hour Construction Surveillance

19 January 2015
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


Keeping the construction site safe is imperative, and there is no secret that one of the best ways to achieve security is with the placement of security cameras on-site. The right construction webcam can keep an eye on every angle when no one else is available to watch. While site surveillance gives you the upper hand over people who are up to no good, there are other benefits to 24 hour construction site surveillance to be considered.

1. Give Clients an Insider's Look at Progress

When you initially sign a contract with a client, they will have to take your word on how well the project will be managed and completed. If you really want to make an impression on the people who handed over their plans for building or construction, give the an inside look at progress as it happens.

With strategic placement of construction webcams, your client can take a peek on progress at any point without setting foot in the work area. Set up a direct channel online with an access code for logging in, give your client login credentials, and they will be grateful for the ability to take a look any time they choose.

2. Add a Layer of Liability Protection

In any construction setting, you never know when an accident or injury could happen. When you have eyes from any angle in the form of construction webcams, finding the truth and causes behind happenings will be easy. Whether you are dealing with an on the job injury claim or a claim of damage to someone's property, the surveillance footage can be used to disprove liability, which can be valuable in a hearing before any judge.

3. Easy Access to Promotional Footage

If you want to make an impression so you can sell what you and your construction company are capable of, you can take advantage of the fact that you have footage showing a project from start to completion. The footage taken with your surveillance cameras can be enhanced to give a speedy look at what the full project could look like. This is great to use in marketing strategies with potential clients or even in your own commercials.

The next time you spot construction webcams for sale, take some time to appreciate just what these little technological wonders could do for your business. For a low investment, you do get an incredible amount of return that is well worth the cost in the end.