DIY Cabinet Painting Tips: 4 Reasons Not To Skip Primer

29 January 2015
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Your cabinets need a face lift, but your bank account is running low. If you can handle a paintbrush and have some time to spare, you can give your cabinets a budget makeover. Since your cabinets are the main feature of your kitchen, you want to take the time to do this project well. Many people try to cut corners by skipping the primer--here are 4 reasons you shouldn't.

1. Primer is cheaper than paint. If you choose not to prime, or only apply one coat of primer, you'll need at least two coats of paint to cover your cabinets well. High quality cabinet paint can be very expensive, so the more paint you have to buy, the more your project will cost. To save money on paint, put two to three coats of primer on your cabinets and then apply one coat of cabinet paint.

2. Primer hides imperfections. If your cabinets are showing signs of wear and tear such as stains, scratches, and dents, primer can help hide them. After thoroughly sanding the surface of your cabinets and filling any holes with wood putty, apply two coats of primer to give your cabinets a smooth, even surface. Your final coat of paint will glide on easily and make your cabinets look brand new.

3. Primer helps bond the paint to your cabinets. Skipping the primer could be a disaster, especially if your cabinets have a glossy finish. Sanding your cabinets before painting will help remove the majority of the finish, but some of it will remain in hard-to-reach crevices. Primer helps paint bond to the cabinets, giving you a strong, solid finish that will last many years.

4. Primer helps your color pop. If you skip primer, the color of paint you chose for your cabinets may look totally different than you expect. This is especially true if you are painting a light color over a darker wood. Primer blocks out the previous color of the cabinets so that the true color of your paint can come through.

It will take several days to prime your cabinets thoroughly, but the finished result will be well worth the extra effort. By using two coats of primer underneath your cabinet paint, you'll save money, improve the look of your cabinets, and increase their durability. If you're looking for more information about kitchen cabinet makeovers, be sure to contact a cabinet specialist in your area.