Four Common Laundry Room Locations To Consider For Your New Home

19 February 2015
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When planning the layout of a new home, one of the rooms that often gets overlooked is the laundry room. Many people simply stick it in an empty corner somewhere and hope for the best. However, if you take the time to carefully plan the location of your laundry room, you'll find that the process of doing laundry is much easier and more convenient. Here's a look at four popular laundry room locations, and the factors to consider about each one.

Location 1: Off the Master Bedroom

When it comes to convenience, this location is hard to beat. When you want to wash your laundry, you can stick it right in the washer without having to lug it across your home. You can read a book in bed while your clothes dry without forgetting about them. You might not even need a hamper -- you can put dirty items straight in the wash! The only downfall to placing the laundry room off of the master bedroom is that if you have older children who do their own laundry, they'll need to walk through your bedroom to do so.

Location 2: Between the Bedrooms Upstairs

Putting the laundry room between the upstairs bedrooms solves privacy issues and is a good choice if multiple people need to access the laundry facilities. The con to this location is that the washer and dryer may make a lot of noise, making it hard to use them when someone is napping or working in their bedroom.

Location 3: Off of, or in the Kitchen

A lot of families love having their laundry room in or near the kitchen so that the adults can multitask to tackle laundry and prepare meals for the kids at the same time. If you have a two-story home, however, this will either mean lugging laundry downstairs or making room in your plans for a laundry chute.

Location 4: Off of, or in the Mud Room

To some, placing the washer and dryer either in the mudroom or a small room off of the mudroom makes perfect sense -- their stinky, outdoor clothes can go straight in the wash when they get home. Others turn up their noses at the thought of their clean laundry being in the same room as their shoes and sports equipment. Think about how you plan on using your mud room. If it won't get too muddy, it might be a convenient place to stash your laundry facilities.

Whether you plan on including a whole separate room in your home for laundry or simply putting the washer and dryer in one of your existing rooms, it's important to consider its location before you get too far along in your building project. You don't want to finish your home and realize the only space to put a washer or dryer is in the middle of a hallway or in an already cluttered corner of the kitchen. These are appliances you'll use several times a week or more, so take the time to plan for them in your design. Talk to general contractors like Cascade Design/Build for more information.