Carpet Cleaning Professionals: 2 Services You Didn't Know They Offered

25 February 2015
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Carpet cleaning companies are great at restoring old, worn carpets that have been damaged by stains from beverages, dirt, or pets. But you might not have known that, in addition to cleaning services for your carpets and rugs, they also offer cleaning services geared towards furniture upholstery, and even grout and tile. The following article details some of the specifics of the upholstery and grout and tile cleaning services that carpet cleaners provide. 

For Furniture Upholstery 

Carpet cleaning professionals are equipped to handle the cleaning for a variety of different fabrics. Whether your furniture utilizes more traditional cloth-type material or more recent innovations in fabric, such as microfiber, carpet cleaners can help restore tattered and stained pieces to their original condition in only a few hours.

The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification suggests that you have your furniture upholstery cleaned every couple of years at the very least, in order to help maintain the material's look, as well as to help ensure the structural integrity of the fibers. In general, upholstery fabric only needs a few hours to fully dry after a thorough cleaning, at which point you're clear to lounge around at will. As the cleaning itself seldom takes more than a few hours, you can rest easy knowing that in a matter of hours your stained and discolored furniture can be restored to a like-new condition. 

For Grout & Tile

Many carpet cleaning companies can also handle your grout, stone, and tile cleaning needs, in addition to any carpets you need revitalized. Not only can such companies offer comprehensive cleaning services for your stone and tile surfaces, they can also provide sealants to protect the grout and stone from staining in the future. In most cases, grout and stone cleaning services and sealants are packaged together. 

The process for cleaning grout and stonework is a multi-stage approach designed to really get at those deep-set stains and discolorations. First, technicians use a degreasing agent to remove oils, and then proceed to the restoration stage which utilizes potent chemicals to really return the surface to its original shine. 

This process requires not only mechanical agitation equipment, but powerful rinsing and suction machines as well. The chemical agents in restorative compounds also serve to open the grout for a more complete seal afterwards. Professionals use what are known as impregnating sealers that penetrate deep into the surface and provide exceptional protection against stains. 

Ultimately, the very professionals that provide carpet cleaning services, ones like Amer Carpet Cleaners, are the same technicians that can help restore faded, stained, or dis colored grout, tile, and stonework to its original brilliance.