Comparing Electric And Gas Central Heating

5 March 2015
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Natural gas and electric powered central heating units are the two most common types of central heating units available, but each offer very different benefits over each other. Whether you are constructing a new home or looking to replace an already existing central heating unit, understanding the differences between these two types of central heaters can help you choose the model that best fits your needs.

Electric Central Heating

Central heating that is powered by electricity offers a number of options to you as a homeowner. For sustainable power, it is possible to wire your central heating unit to solar panels that are installed on your roof or on your property. However, most central heating units are still connected to the main grid, and will draw power from the source that your power provider uses, which may or may not be sustainable. One of the main draws of an electric heating unit is the fact that it is hassle free, and will not require deliveries of gas to continue working. Electric heaters are also extremely unlikely to start a fire.

However, electric heaters will not work in the event of a power outage, which can be dangerous, especially in rural areas where power is not always constant in the event of a storm. Additionally, electricity tends to be more expensive in most areas than natural gas, which means that the long term costs of electric heating may be higher.

Gas Powered Central Heating

Central heating that is powered by gas tends to be cheaper than electric central heating, and works much faster than electric heating units do. Furthermore, perhaps the most important benefit of gas powered heating units is the fact that it still works in the event of a power outage. In urban areas, most homes are supplied with gas through a pipeline, which reduces the hassle of having gas delivered to your home every month.

However, natural gas is not environmentally friendly, and using it for heating will increase your carbon footprint. Additionally, having gas powered heating opens up the risk of a fire or explosion in your home, which is a serious safety hazard. It should also be noted that in rural areas, gas will still have to be delivered, which can be quite expensive. Furthermore, though the current price of natural gas is lower than electricity in most places, the price can only go up since natural gas is a nonrenewable resource.

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