3 Advantages To Using Piers On Concrete Foundations

31 March 2015
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Piering is a technique that is used to ensure that a failing foundation, or a foundation that has shifted to a point where it is no longer viable, is corrected. It will keep the foundation from failing entirely and provide an additional level of support to make sure that any structures on top of the foundation do not shift further. There are three main advantages to choosing piering:

1. Cheaper Than a Foundation Replacement

Replacing a foundation is a very difficult job. It therefore costs a lot of money in order to fix a foundation. In order to avoid having to pay a huge sum of money just to increase the structural integrity of your foundation, you can use piering.

Piering is a much simpler operation that is just as effective as foundation replacement. Because the operation does not require as much manpower or talent, it costs less time and money to complete the process.

2. Stops Two Problems With One Step

When a foundation is structurally insecure, there are always two different problems that are involved. The first is that the soil around the foundation is unstable and therefore shifting. Its shifting causes the foundation itself to shift and put stress on areas that are not equipped to handle it. It is not enough to merely fix the foundation, but you also need to fix the cause of an unstable foundation.

Piering stabilizes the soil around the foundation and ensures that it stops shifting, therefore reducing the chances that a corrected foundation will degrade again. 

The second problem that piering fixes is the results of the foundation shifting, which is that the level at which the structures on the foundation are now occupying is not structurally sound. Piering will force the foundation back to a level where anything on it will be completely stable.

3. Equipment is Portable

The equipment for piering is portable, so you don't need to worry about clearing out the space for large, heavy equipment. It also ensures that the process will be much quicker than any process that requires heavy equipment, such as foundation replacement.

This is because less can go wrong with portable equipment and replacements are readily available. Piering reduces the time that the owner of the property has to spend making room for the equipment, as well as the time that it takes for the foundation to be secured.

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