What Types Of Saws Are Used For Home Remodeling Projects

20 June 2015
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It is not uncommon for home remodeling projects to require the use of a saw for cutting floors, walls or ceilings. To do this job correctly, it is important to know which saw to used for each job. Some saws are designed for cutting thick materials that do not bend easily. Others are made to be used only on thin materials that are flexible. These are the types of saws that are commonly used for home remodeling and the types of materials that each will cut.


Jigsaws are ideal for cutting thin pieces of wood, such as paneling or trim. Using a jigsaw gives you better control when you need to make precision cuts. They can be used to make both angled and beveled cuts in wood. Jigsaws are also used for cutting laminate flooring and often come equipped with a special blade for cutting materials that aren't made of wood.

Jigsaws cut at a very high rate of speed which is very convenient when you have projects that need to be finished quickly. When shopping for a jigsaw, look closely at the SPM (speed per minute) rating to determine how quickly the saw will cut.

Circular Saws 

Circular saws are also commonly used for home remodeling projects. Circular saws allow you to cut heavy, thick pieces of wood easily. These saws are used when cutting flooring boards, porch beams, rails and lumber used for building decks. 

Thin wood can be cut with circular saws, but special care should be taken when doing so to prevent it from splitting or breaking as you cut. The large jagged blade of a circular saw is more suitable to thicker types of wood.

Mitre Saws 

If you need to make angled cuts, a mitre saw is the best saw for the job. Mitre saws are used for cutting angles on trim, crown moldings and window frames. They can cut thin to medium thickness wood and give you a very precisely angled cut.

Mitre saws are available in both manually powered styles and electrically powered styles. They usually come with a mitre box or guide that has precut angles in it so you can better line up the wood with the exact angle that you need to cut.

Scroll Saws 

Scroll saws are an excellent choice for those who want to get creative with their home remodeling projects. These small saws are used to create intricate designs in and around wood. There are different types of blades that can be used in scroll saws so that cutting can be done in both thin and thick wood.

With proper care, saws last for many years. They require little maintenance other than replacing the blades on occasion. When not in use, store saws in a dry area to prevent the blades from drawing dampness and rusting. For more help choosing the right saw for your needs, contact a professional like those at Bourget Bros Building Materials.