Plumbing Problems Leaving You With No Place To Go? 3 Quick Ways To Bring Relief

15 July 2015
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It's the weekend and a pipe has decided to burst. You've had to turn the water off to your house and the plumber can't make it out until Monday. Now you have to figure out how to provide sanitation for your family – particularly toilets. With a few simple tricks, you should be able to provide bathroom facilities for your family until the plumber comes out.

Use Existing Toilets

If the pipe that burst doesn't affect your toilets, you should be able to continue using them. With the water turned off, you'll need to provide your own water source for flushing. Remove the lid from the toilet tank and fill it with bottled water each time you flush. This will allow you to continue using your toilets until the plumber can come out to your home.

If you don't have access to bottled water, you can drain your water heater for an emergency water supply. Simply place a bucket under the spigot on your water heater and lift up on the valve. Once the water is supply turned back on, your water heater will refill as usual.

Make an Emergency Toilet

If the pipe that burst is attached to the waste lines in your home, you won't be able to flush your toilets without risking a raw sewage leak in your home or yard. You can create a simple emergency toilet system using black plastic bags, duct tape, kitty litter and bleach.

Flush the toilet to remove the residual water from the bowl. Place the plastic bag inside the toilet bowl and secure it to the toilet using duct tape. Place two cups of kitty litter at the bottom of the bag.

Pour a small amount of bleach in the bag each time someone uses the toilet. After several uses, seal the bag tightly, using duct tape, and store the bag in an airtight container. Once your toilet has been repaired, you can take the bags to a hazardous waste location.

Rent a Portable Toilet

Finally, if your toilets aren't going to be working, you may want to consider renting a portable toilet. The portable toilet will be delivered right to your home and set up in your backyard. The company that delivers the toilet will take care of the set-up and clean-up of the unit. So, you won't have to worry about the mess when you're done with it.

Plumbing emergencies can leave you with nowhere to relieve yourself. If your plumbing emergency has left you with no place to go, these tips will do the trick.

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