How To Not Damage Your Pallet Racks With Forklifts

17 September 2015
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Pallet racks can sometimes become damaged by forklifts. The damage will not only cost your business money by forcing you to replace them, but the pallet racks will be more likely to collapse. By taking the right safety measures, though, you can reduce the risk that your pallet racks become damaged.

Train Your Drivers Properly

Driver training is an essential part of protecting pallets. If the workers are certified to operate forklifts, they will be less likely to use them in a way that damages the pallets. They should practice operating a forklift in an OHSA-approved driving course. Training should also be an ongoing process.

Remind Drivers of the Rules

Depending on the speed of the forklifts, you may want to place speed limits to remind workers how quickly they are allowed to go. Not only are fast drivers more likely to damage pallets, but may also injure other workers. Workers should also be trained on how to properly drive around corners. Making sharp turns increases the odds of hitting the corner of the pallet rack.

Use Pallet Protection

Place pallet protectors on the corners of the pallets so they do not become damaged when a forklift rams into one.

Installing rack-mounted safety mirrors will allow for forklift operators to see around pallet racks, making it less likely that operators will have an accidental collision with a pallet.

Clear the Aisles

Aisles should be kept clear. If there are boxes in the aisles that force forklift operators to maneuver around them, leading to accidental collisions with pallet racks, the racks may become damaged. Clutter can also reduce visibility, causing forklift operators to accidentally collide with pallet racks.

Widen and Illuminate the Aisles

Aisles should be widened, especially if the forklifts are larger and intended to lift heavier objects. While narrower aisles can increase how much you can store, wider aisles can allow for workers to operate more efficiently, getting more done. Also, include enough lighting so workers can see what they are doing.

Maintain the Racks

Even if you take steps to minimize the amount of damage that pallet racks experience, they can still experience wear and tear that can eventually reduce how much stress the racks can endure. Corrosion and overloading can impact the structural integrity of the racks. When a rack is damaged, a collision from a forklift is much more likely to cause the rack to collapse, causing a safety hazard.  

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