Dealing With Carpet Stains, Odors And Hair: A Guide For Pet Owners

5 October 2015
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Keeping your carpets clean is a difficult task on its own, but adding a pet to the equation can make it extremely daunting. No matter how well-trained your pets are, you will often have to deal with occasional accidents that can spell disaster for your flooring. However, having a pet shouldn't mean that you cannot enjoy a clean, fresh smelling carpet. If you are a pet owner who is struggling with guarding your precious carpets against odors, urine/solids and hairs, read on for tips on how you can deal with such challenges.

Dealing with odors and stains

The best way to prevent pet-created feces stains is to move quickly to clean them before they set into the carpet fiber. This can be achieved by first using a putty knife to scoop from underneath the solid so as to prevent squashing or rubbing it onto the carpet. When dealing with urine or vomit stains, first put a on cloth or towel over the stain. Next, apply pressure to soak up as much moisture as possible.

Spot-cleaning using a cloth, a cup of warm water, and a few drops of liquid dishwasher detergent should then follow. Slowly scrub the stained area and work the detergent into the carpet fiber. It is important to remember not to use using steam cleaners on the stains, as the heat will often cause the stain to set into the carpet fibers and make it a lot more difficult to dislodge.

Dealing with the odors left by vomit, urine or feces stains is also critical. Enzyme treatments are great for removing any odors from your carpets, leaving them smelling fresh and clean. However, chemical treatments from previous carpet washings can prevent the enzymes from working effectively, so it is important that you first use an extraction carpet cleaner to force water into the carpet so as to eliminate any such residue. Finally, apply liquid odor eliminators that contain bio-enzymes to attack odor-causing bacteria so as to fully eliminate any smells.

Dealing with hair

A shedding pet can literally leave a trail of hair on almost everything in your house, especially your carpets. Trying to simply vacuum the hair will only lead to a clogged up vacuum cleaner. A better strategy would be to use a hair roller to pick up most of the hair from the carpet surface. Alternatively, use a rubber-bristled carpet rake to collect the pet hair in clumps before finally vacuuming the carpet.

Having pets doesn't mean that you have to get rid of your carpets. Using the above tips, you should be able to successfully get a handle on pet hair, odor and stains. Contact a professional cleaner, like Conscientious Carpet Care, for more help.