Opening A Business In Your Home: Get Your Property Surveyed First

26 October 2015
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Many people dream of opening their own business in their homes. They sometimes remodel the garage or a basement into an office. Others add an extra room or two to house the business. This allows them to have a profitable career with no commute in their favorite location. It is important to have your property surveyed before embarking on the remodeling or adding on to your home, and investing large sums of money into the business of your dreams.

Zoning Laws

When you have your home property surveyed, the survey will determine your zone classification. You can then find out if they are any restrictions for your property that will impede you in opening a home business.

Zoning Classifications

Once you know what your zoning classification is, you can go to the local zoning office in your town or visit their website. This enables you to find out what types of businesses are appropriate to open in your neighborhood, if any. If the classification doesn't allow for a home business, ask if it is possible to obtain a waiver that does allow it.  

Types of Businesses

Many types of businesses are successful in private homes, such as accounting, a small hair salon or spa, or a computer repair or photography business. Primarily the reason that these businesses aren't an issue in the neighborhood is because they won't result in a large amount of extra traffic on your street. Most of these types of businesses will only have one and rarely more than two customers at the same time.

Don't Ignore the Zoning Laws

Some people pooh-pooh the zoning laws and open a home business anyway; they think that no one would ever possibly complain. However, if a neighbor finds fault with your home business for any reason, he or she may turn you in for evading the zoning laws. This means that the business you have spent time, money and effort building up may be shut down.

Location is Vital

Before embarking on a business at home, remember that location is often vital to the success of a business. If your home is near a busy shopping center or mall, or is easily accessible from the highway or busy thoroughfares, then it is more likely that clients will visit your home business because it is convenient for them to reach.

Knowing that you are obeying the zoning laws will give you peace of mind with your business. Numerous issues can keep home entrepreneurs feeling stressed, but once you take care of this matter, it won't be problematic to you in the future. Contact a property surveying service for more help.