2 Types Of Windows To Consider For Your Home

3 December 2015
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


Having damaged or broken windows on your home can be a major problem as it can negatively impact your home's security and curb appeal, but it can also be an opportunity to replace your windows with new ones that can provide you with many different benefits. Listed below are two fantastic window options that you should consider for your home.


Electrochromic windows are among the most high-tech window options available and will need to be hooked up to your home's electrical system in order to function. These windows will allow you to use a simply switch or knob to run a current through the glass which will cause the glass to become darker. By turning the window to its highest setting you can make your window completely opaque. 

One major reason to consider this type of window is if you need it as dark as possible in certain rooms. For example, this window is a great option for a home theater room as it can completely eliminate any glare that could ruin your television or projector's picture quality.

These windows are also ideal if you need to sleep during the day due to working a graveyard shift or attending school at night. These windows will typically block up to 98% of all light that strike them when the window is set to its darkest setting.


Another window to consider installing is a soundproof window. Now, this type of window will often come in several forms that all work to achieve the goal of limiting any noise that is entering or exiting the home. For example, a soundproof window can either be made from a single very thick piece of glass or two pieces of glass with empty space in between them. 

A soundproof window can reasonably be expected to block 90–95% of noise. This makes this type of window a fantastic option if you have loud neighbors or live near a source of a lot of noise, such as a school, busy intersection, or airport. A nice added bonus is that these window will also block a lot of the noise from exiting your home, which gives you more freedom to make extra noise within your home without annoying your neighbors.

Speak to a glass repair contractor to discuss your many window options. Replacing your damaged or broken windows with electrochromic or soundproof windows can provide you with a wide array of benefits that traditional windows simply cannot hope to match.