A Guide To The 6 Most Common Replacement Window Styles

29 January 2016
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If you need to replace a few windows in your home, you need to take into consideration the window style that you want. Here is a quick guide to the six most common type of window styles you will encounter while shopping for replacement windows. 

#1 Single Hung Windows

This style of window is incredibly common. Single hung windows consist of two panes of glass; the top pane of glass does not move, while the bottom pane of glass can be pulled up to open the bottom of the window. Many older homes have single hung windows in them.

#2 Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows have become a very popular option to replace single hung windows with. They follow the same basic principle as single hung windows; they also have two glass panes.

The big difference between single and double hung windows is that you can open either the top or the bottom pane in order to get the air flowing in your house. The screen can also slide from top to bottom, allowing you to keep the bugs out regardless of which portion of your window is open.

Additionally, you can tilt in the panes so that you can easily clean the outside of your windows from inside of your house with double hung windows. 

#3 Awning Windows

Awning windows generally consist of two panes, just like the two previous window styles. Only the bottom pane opens, and the bottom pushes out and creates what looks like an awning.

This allows you to let in a significant amount of air and is great for rooms where you need natural ventilation. Awning windows do not utilize screens, though.

#4 Hopper Window 

A hopper window is constructed exactly opposite an awning window. It has two panes of glass, but only the top pane of glass opens. The top pane of glass is pulled inside. Many hopper windows also consist of one pane of rectangular glass that can be pulled down towards the inside of your home.

#5 Horizontal Sliding Window

Horizontal sliding windows came in a wide range of sizes. With a horizontal sliding window, you generally have two panes of glass, one of which will move back and forth on a track. They are also generally equipped with screens to keep the insects out. The window opening is generally rather larger and lets in a lot of air. 

#6 Casement Windows

A casement window consists of a single vertical pane of glass that is attached to hinges. The hinges allow it to be swung open. It can be installed so that it either opens inwards or outwards. With casement windows, you'll want to make sure that you place them somewhere there is not a lot of activity outside your window. You don't want to hit some while opening your window or run the risk of someone running into your window. Casement windows work well when they are placed where someone's head would be when walking around the outside of your house. 

Although there are additional window styles, these are the six most common window styles that you will encounter. Use this guide to help you determine what type of replacement window you want. Talk to a company that does window replacement, such as Bob's Construction Inc, for more information on what type of windows will work best for your situation.