3 Reasons To Consider Installing Impact Windows

7 April 2016
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


Impact windows are among the best replacement window options available, mostly because of the wide array of benefits that they can provide. Impact windows differ from normal windows in that they are actually composed of two panes of glass that have a piece of adhesive film between them. Listed below are just a few of the reasons to consider impact windows.

Protection From Intruders

One of the biggest reasons to consider installing impact windows is that they can make a great deterrent against potential intruders or burglars. The reason for this is that an impact window will take longer to get through, as the person breaking into your home will have to take the time to break both panes of glass and still find some way to dig out the shards of glass and tear through the adhesive film. The extra time needed and the amount of noise that breaking through impact windows will cause increases the chances of you noticing the situation and contacting the authorities, which can cause the intruder to give up and find an easier target.

Protection From Severe Weather Conditions

Impact windows are a good idea if you live in an area where severe weather conditions with high wind speeds are common. These windows will actually be more able to stand up to the debris that the high winds can often launch at your home because the two panes of glass will be much harder to break. In addition, the film between the panes of glass will hold any broken glass shards in place so you will not have to worry as much about shards of glass falling into your home and causing a safety hazard.

Lower Home Insurance Premiums

Finally, you will want to consider impact windows because they can help you lower your overall home insurance costs. Since your impact windows will reduce the chances of you having to file a claim, your insurance company is more likely to save money in the end. As a result, they will often be willing to give you a discount once you let your agent know that you have installed impact windows.

Contact a window dealer or contractor like Gulf Coast Builders Inc today in order to discuss the many reasons that you should consider impact windows. These windows are ideal for keeping your home and family safe from intruders or severe weather conditions while also helping you to cut down on your home insurance expenses.