The Differences Between Vinyl And Wooden Window Frames

7 April 2016
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


What is the best window framing material? The answer is not exactly cut and dry. In fact, it is mainly a matter of personal opinion. Most homeowners see wooden windows as the most stylish, but don't want to deal with their heavy maintenance. On the other hand, many homeowners love the practicality of vinyl windows but think they look cold and ugly. This article explains some of the main differences between vinyl and wooden window frames. It will help you determine which product will work best in your home and in your budget.

Vinyl Windows: Easy to Maintain

Vinyl windows are definitely the option for homeowners who want no-nonsense products. If you have children, vinyl windows are the way to go because they are easier to clean. They are also lighter, so young children can operate the sliding windows more safely. Vinyl is a material that is not subject to any sort of water damage. Water will bead off of the vinyl surface. Best of all, it does not need to be stained or sealed to make it this way. A vinyl window frame is engineered and dyed during the manufacturing process. This makes it much easier to clean since you can just use any all purpose surface cleaner. Also, vinyl is largely fade resistant because of the dying. The finish will not scratch off. So, in the long run, you will not need to make many repairs to a vinyl window frame. As you can see, vinyl is the better option for homeowners who are more concerned with the long-term maintenance of the window.

Wooden Windows: Unmatched Style

Wooden windows require more maintenance in the long run. Most significantly, a wooden window needs to be resealed and stained every so often to make it waterproof. The finish will wear off and fade away after a number of years, so it is a process that needs to be repeated often. If you are willing to undertake the maintenance of a wooden window, you will be able to enjoy the unmatched style of wood. The very fact that other window materials are made with fake wooden textures is testament to the fact that wood is a great product. With a wooden window you can stain your frame a clear coat that highlights the natural wood texture, or you can apply a solid paint color.

Vinyl and wooden window frames are very different, but either can be great for any home. If you're considering window replacement, choose the product that best fits your needs and budget.