Wooden Sashes Are Still A Great Option

7 April 2016
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Many homeowners are drawn to wooden windows because they have a style that can't be matched. In fact, other windows materials (like vinyl and fiberglass) are often printed with fake wood grains and knots. More advanced vinyl products even have fake textures of wood grain. Of course, these fake wood textures and prints never look as good as the real thing. It is easy to see why many homeowners still invest in wooden windows even though they require a little more maintenance. This article explains the better features of wooden window sashes and why they can still be great in any home. 

Wood Matches Better

First of all, wood matches the other design elements on the inside and outside of your property. Think about it… if you look around a room you will probably notice more wooden products than vinyl or fiberglass. For instance, most homes have wooden furniture, baseboard, crown molding, doors, counters, cabinets and even flooring. If you window sashes are also made out of wood, you can add a level of coordination that is not possible with plastic or vinyl fixtures. Furthermore, you can custom paint your window sashes to match other painted or stained things in your home. On the exterior, it looks great if you choose a window color that is the same as the trim and roofline line. This adds a sharp contrast and cohesion that increases the curb appeal of your property.   

Wood is Changeable

Another huge perk of wooden window sashes is that it is changeable. That is, you can repaint or stain your sash when you are updating or remodeling your home. This is a great way to ensure that you windows always match and fit in with your decor. Even just changing the paint color of your interior walls can all of sudden make your windows seem out of style and outdated. 

Wood is Durable and Easy to Repair

While wood does need to be stained with a waterproof sealant to protect from the elements, it is still a very strong material. If you wooden sash is dinged or scratched, you can make repairs with affordable and easy to use wood putty. The tools needed for wood repair are common and affordable.

Obviously, wood is still a great material for window sashes. It might not be as common as synthetic materials, but it is as stylish and durable as ever.  

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