Top 5 Benefits Of Hiring A Handyman

24 May 2016
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


General contractors are perfect for large home improvement projects; however, they aren't really necessary for smaller repairs. Homeowners that have a list of odd jobs around the house to complete would do well to take advantage of handyman services. Below are a few benefits you can expect to enjoy when going this route. 

You Save Time

Waiting on your significant other, or trying to tackle the projects in between work and family commitments can be a losing battle. Hiring a handyman means having someone work on each task through to completion in a short period of time. The handyman won't have to stop to take the kids to softball practice or run grandma to the grocery store like you would if you worked on the repair. You'll save lots of time that you didn't have to lose in the first place. 

You'll Save Money

Homeowners pay top dollar when hiring a general contractor, but handymen are much less expensive. Most will work for a set hourly wage. Of course, you'll be responsible for purchasing any supplies needed for the job. For example, you buy the hardwood flooring for your living room and then just pay the handyman $20 an hour to install it. 

A Variety of Skills

Handymen don't just specialize in one area of home repair. They are often knowledgeable on how to fix just about everything in your house. You can organize handyman services for everything from fixing a leaky faucet to installing a storm door to erecting a fence along the outer perimeter of your property. 

Quality Workmanship

While you have to sit down and follow an instruction manual in order to use a snake to unclog a drain, a handyman won't have to. He already has the experience to address the problem and immediately remedy it. That means the job will be done right the first time. Handymen take pride in their work, so you can expect quality workmanship every time. 

Excellent Advice

Not sure which projects you should tackle first or what could be done to improve the value of your home? A handyman will be able to do an inspection of your home and offer the advice you need to make your home comfortable, or resellable if that is a goal you have for the near future. 

Handymen also often have connections with suppliers that they work with on a regular basis. If you need to purchase new cabinet doors for the kitchen or stain for the deck out back, the handyman may be able to get them for you at a discounted rate.