Repurposing Old Rain Gutters

5 July 2016
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


When it's time for new rain gutters, there's no reason to toss the old ones in the trash. With a thorough cleaning, a coat of paint if they need it and a little imagination, those old rain gutters can turn into beautiful additions to any home. 


Attach clean rain gutters to the top of deck railings with a few screws or nails. When they're filled with soil and some beautiful tumbling flowers, the wow factor of any deck immediately increases. Rain gutters can turn into hanging baskets, too. If S-hooks and chains are attached to holes drilled in the side of the rain gutters, they can be filled with flowers and hung for a modern take on hanging baskets. For a clean and contemporary flower bed border, dig a trench along the border of the bed. Old rain gutters can be placed inside the trenches and filled with decorative rock that will stay put.  


Old rain gutters hung on the garage wall become shelves that are the perfect width for spray paint cans. If they're hung inside in a craft room, they're the perfect width for spools of ribbon or large spools of thread. Hung on the closet wall, rain gutters can easily hold kids' shoes or even adults' shoes if they're placed in the gutters toe first. Rain gutters make unusual and interesting book shelves. They can be hung in a line around the perimeter of a child's bedroom for simple story-time choosing, or several can be tucked into a corner to create a cozy reading nook. In a home office where tangled cables are an out-of-control eyesore, rain gutters can be attached to the wall directly under the desk. Coiled cables can be placed into the rain gutters where they'll stay neatly arranged and out of sight.  

Fun Stuff

A rain gutter painted to match serving ware can make a beautiful addition to a tablescape. For a fancy affair, a rain gutter filled with water makes a beautiful place to float candles. A rain gutter filled with ice and bottled beer makes it easy for guests to serve themselves at a casual affair without having to reach. A new rain gutter should be used for this next idea, but it's a show stopper. Delight guests at a child's birthday party by filling a rain gutter with scoops of ice cream and all the toppings imaginable to create the world's biggest ice cream sundae. Plenty of spoons and napkins are a must!