4 Solutions To Restore Materials That May Seem To Be Destroyed In A Flood

5 August 2016
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


There are many problems that you are sure to have when your home has been flooded. Everything inside your home may look like it has been through a rock tumbler full of mud. You may even think that most of these materials cannot even be saved. Wait! Before you start throwing everything out after a flood, here are some tips to help you restore some of the materials that may look like they have passed the point of no return:

1. Pressure Wash Tile And Stonework To Remove Embedded Water Stains

Stone and tiles are very durable materials that you may have installed inside and outside your home. They may need small repairs, but these materials can be restored. To make them look like new again, get a pressure washer and clean the materials to remove signs of the flood. You may want to use a detergent in the sprayer that is meant for cleaning masonry and tile.

2. Dismantle And Steam Clean Furniture To Make It Look Like New Again

Some of the furniture in your home may look like it is completely destroyed after a flood-- especially the pieces with fabric like sofas and chairs. Remove these from your home as soon as you can and clean them with a steam cleaner. To dry them out and thoroughly clean them, remove the felt fabric from the bottom to clean the underside and inside of the furniture with the steam cleaning machine.

3. Quickly Remove Drywall At Water Line To Prevent Moisture From Spreading

Drywall can also become damaged during a flood and a lot of it may need to be removed. This is something that can also spread. Usually, when there is a flood, the water level can easily be seen by a line on the wall. Remove the drywall just above this point to prevent moisture from being absorbed by higher drywall that has not been damaged. The sooner you do this, the less likely it will be that you need to remove all the drywall.

4. Remove Wood Materials, Clean And Sand To Prevent Water Damage

Wood materials can also absorb water, but can often be easily restored. If you have wood trim or floors, remove these materials and store them in a dry, well-ventilated place. You can sand these materials and clean off any water stains that may be visible, so you can reuse them during restorations. Some solid wood furnishings may also be able to be saved by cleaning them and sanding them, then adding a fresh coat of stain.

These are some tips that can help you restore flood-damaged materials that may seem like they cannot be saved. If you need help with cleaning up and getting your home back in order, contact a flood damage restoration service like Sohan and Sons to help with some of these tasks.