Need New Living Room Or Bedroom Flooring? Carpeting Is The Way To Go

8 November 2016
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When it comes to choosing flooring for your home, you have many options. Some materials, such as tile and linoleum, are more suited to high traffic areas like the bathroom and kitchen. Many like the look of hardwood floors, but they can require a lot of maintenance. Plush carpeting, on the other hand, is easy to care for and provides warmth, making it the perfect flooring choice for living areas and bedrooms. Here are five other reasons to choose carpeting.


Carpeting can be purchased in any color of the rainbow. It is available in a variety of pile styles, ranging from looped low pile, like Berber, to deep, luxurious cut pile like shag. Manufacturing carpeting with combination of these techniques can create eye-catching visual patterns. The color, style, and pattern can all work to enhance the overall design and color palette of the room you are carpeting.


Carpeting provides insulation in a couple of different ways. It insulates against noise. Children playing in their bedrooms upstairs sound a lot noisier running around on hardwood floors than they do on padded carpeting. Walking around a hardwood flooring or tile with heels on will also make much more noise. Carpeting also insulates against the cold. Bare feet on tile will quickly become cold from the floor because it doesn't retain any heat. Carpeting and its underlying pad actually serves as a layer of insulation, retains heat, and can reduce energy consumption because of the warmth it provides.


Hardwood floor and tile in particular can become very slippery. Not only are you more likely to slip on hard flooring choices than carpeting, falling on a hard surface can cause more damage than falling on cushioned carpeting. The extra padding is especially useful for small children and the elderly.


Keeping carpeting clean is easy; you just have to run a vacuum cleaner over it occasionally and shampoo with a carpet cleaner once or twice a year depending on how much traffic it receives and whether you have pets and children. Other flooring choices require frequent sweeping and mopping. Hardwood flooring also requires periodic waxing and eventually, refinishing. Tile may also need re-grouting eventually or individual tile replacements.


In addition to providing warmth and comfort for your feet, carpeting is just more comfortable than hard flooring. With carpeting, you can curl up on the floor by a sunny window or the fireplace with your favorite book. Getting comfortable on hardwood flooring or tile isn't going to happen.  

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