Residential Fence Security Tips

8 November 2016
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


Fencing alone won't make your home more secure. You need to choose a style and implement a design that adds more security, otherwise a fence could provide little more than cover to a potential thief. The following tips can help you design a more secure fence so that your home is better protected.

Tip #1: Skip the solid fence

A major issue with a solid fence is that you can't see if anyone is on the other side of it. This provides cover to anyone that manages to get over the fence undetected, since neighbors and passers-by won't see them trying to break into your home. Wrought iron or iron-look aluminum fencing is a popular choice since you can see through them. Just make sure the bars or fence boards are spaced closely enough so that no one can slip through.

Tip #2: Cut down on climbers

You also want to focus on fencing made of tall vertical uprights but few horizontal bars so that climbing the fence is difficult. Footholds can be an issues with stone or masonry fences as well, since their irregular surfaces are easier to climb. Tall fences with pointed tops are the best option since these are the hardest to climb.

Tip #3: Stop the crawl

Squeezing beneath the fence can also be a problem. Consider planting a short thorned hedge, such as holly, along the bottom of the fence to prevent someone from crawling underneath the fence. Just avoid tall hedges that can provide cover to a prospective thief. Another option is to have concrete curbing anchoring the bottom of the fence posts so there is no gap underneath the fence.

Tip #4: Don't overlook your gate

When designing a custom gate, consider a roller gate instead of a swinging gate. Roller gates extend completely to the ground so that there is no gap underneath them. The gate should also be tall enough and mimic the spike top design of the rest of the fence to cut down on climbing. Avoid any features around the gate where someone could hide and slip in when the gate is closing, as well. A well lit gate that requires either a code or remote control to open is the most secure choice since you don't have to get out of your car to open and close it.

For more help, talk to a fencing and custom gate contractor in your area.