Should You Use Custom Or Purchased Home Plans?

29 December 2016
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If you are planning to build your dream home, you may be trying to decide whether or not you should opt for a fully customized home or stick with plans that you purchase. You may be worried that by purchasing plans, you may end up with a home that looks just like everyone else's. The following guide can help you determine whether full custom or purchased plans are the better option.

Consider the engineering/architecture costs

Having completely custom plans drawn up means that everything will need to be engineer-certified in order to have the proper permits granted. This can be quite expensive, especially if changes must be made. Purchased plans often come pre-certified, which means the permit process can go much more smoothly and you will be less likely to be turned down. The certification costs is also lower, since it is subsidized over several buyers.

You can still personalize the plans

Many plans come with several mix-and-match options that allow you to still have a relatively unique structure. For example, you may be able to choose among several different base configurations that allow you to swap out room numbers, door and window placement, or even the shape of the roof. These options are usually already certified. You can also hire an architect to make some changes to existing plans, but this may require re-certification depending on the extent of the changes.

The builder may be familiar with the plans

Some builders specialize in building home from specific architects. This means they are well experienced in the style, building needs, and materials used in the home's design. This may result in a faster or more skilled build, plus the builder may be able to find certain materials at a lower cost simply because they deal in them more often. In fact, a builder that has built from the specific plan before can give you a heads up on any problematic features in the design so you can alter them if desired.

Uniqueness is often in the details

Another thing to set your mind at ease is that it is still possible to have a unique home, even if you don't use custom plans. You can alter the roof material, siding, window designs, and countless other exterior and interior features to create the home of your dreams. Combine this with landscaping, and no one will have to know that your home wasn't a custom plan.

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