What To Know About River Rock And How To Decorate Your Yard With It

7 February 2017
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If you're looking for a way to add color and style to your yard, you may want to consider landscaping rocks. There are many types of rocks you can use and they come in all sizes and colors. River rocks and pebbles are among the most popular rocks for landscaping use. Here is some information on these rocks and how you can use them.

How River Rocks Differ From Ground Rocks

The unique thing about river rocks is that they are polished by water currents over time so they have a rounded and smooth appearance. This is different from rocks dug out of the ground that usually have uneven shapes and sharp angles. River rocks come in just about every color imaginable and some have interesting patterns too. The tiny ones are called river pebbles while the larger ones are called river rocks.

River Pebbles Make Great Mulch

The pebbles make for colorful mulch. They are light enough that they won't flatten or harm your flowers or plants. They keep weeds at bay and they allow water to filter into the soil. The small pebbles are ideal for landscaping in tight areas or next to your house because they aren't so large they visually overwhelm the flowers. You'll need to use some sort of border with the pebbles because they are so lightweight, they'll move around when you get a hard rain or strong winds. A border keeps them confined so you won't have to replace them very often.

River Rocks Are Ideal For Paths

When you buy river rocks in bulk, you'll get a range of rock sizes. This makes for an interesting pattern when you make a pathway out of the rocks. You can leave the rocks loose, or you can embed them in concrete. If you put them in concrete, you can make a long path or you can make stepping stones. River rocks are also attractive to embed around an inground pool, although you'll probably want to hire a contractor to do the job properly. You can buy bulk rocks in a mix of colors or you can buy rocks that are color sorted. This allows you to choose rocks in various shades of brown or blue to match the paint of your home.

River Rocks Are An Attractive Alternative To Grass

If you're tired of keeping up with lawn maintenance, you may want to replace the grass in your yard with rocks. Be sure this is allowed by your city code first though. Having a rock yard is ideal for a second home when you are away for weeks or months at a time. You'll never have to worry about grass or weeds growing out of control. Just put down landscaping fabric first to keep weeds and grass from coming up through the rocks. For this big job, you'll probably need a contractor to deliver a truck load of rocks and spread them around for you. You can choose rocks of the same color, such as beige for most of the lawn and then accent pathways and put a border around your home with a complementing color.

Keep in mind, when you buy river rocks in large quantities, the colors may be limited to what is gathered locally since shipping heavy loads of different colored rocks over long distances is cost prohibitive. Smaller quantities are usually available in garden centers and home improvement stores in many colors. For the best selection, visit a specialty store like Builder's Sand & Gravel Inc. that sells bulk rocks, construction materials, or landscaping supplies.