Prepare for Your New Roof Installation With These Helpful Tips

7 July 2017
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


A new roof is one of the best investments you can make in your home. Not only does a new roof revitalize your home's outward appearance, but it also ensures your home remains well protected against the elements. As with anything else, preparation is the key to a safe and successful installation. The following offers a few tips you can use in preparation of your new roof installation.

Clear the Way for Your Contractor

It's crucial for your roofing contractor to have clear access to your roof as well as the materials needed for the installation. In order to keep your driveway clear, you may need to park your vehicles on the street for the duration of the installation. You should also have your RVs, boats, and trailers parked street-side or stored at another location until the installation is finished.

Don't forget to keep your gates unlocked in case your roofing contractor needs access to the backyard or other areas of your property. Your contractor may also need access to outdoor electrical outlets for various power tools.

Protect the Belongings in Your Attic

If you have any items in your attic, then they're bound to get covered in debris during the installation process. As a precaution, you should cover these items with a thick plastic tarp until the installation is complete. If you have any items that will be adversely affected by dust and debris in spite of being covered up, then you should remove these items from the attic before the installation begins.

Remove Fragile Items from the Walls

It's not unusual for vibrations caused during the installation process to knock off pictures, mirrors and other fragile items from your walls. As a preventative measure, you may want to take these items down before your roofing contractor starts work. This also applies to fine china, figurines and other fragile items kept in cabinets, shelves and display cases.

Be Prepared to Reinstall and Reorient Your Satellite Dish

If there's a satellite dish mounted on your roof, your contractor will need to remove it in order to press on with the installation. With this in mind, you'll need to prepare to have your satellite provider reinstall and reorient the dish as soon as the roof installation is complete. Your roofing contractor may offer to reinstall the dish, but it's likely that they won't be able to put it in its exact original position.

Make Sure Your Driveway Can Shoulder the Load

Your roofing contractor will also need a place to drop off materials and equipment needed for the installation, as well as a dumpster for debris disposal. There's a good chance your driveway will end up being the staging area for all of this activity. Given that these materials and the trucks and other heavy equipment used to deliver them can weigh in excess of several tons, it's essential to know how much weight your driveway can safely take before any serious damage occurs.

For driveways with relatively low load limits, you may need to consider curbside delivery of your roofing materials. In other cases, you may need to select an alternative site that's still in relatively close proximity to your home.

Keep Your Children and Pets Out of Harm's Way

The constant flurry of activity can easily pique your children's interest, as well as that of your pets. It can also bring a significant number of hazards that could harm your children and pets. It's usually best to keep them as far away from the work area as possible at all times. Also be mindful of hazardous items like nails, metal flashing and other debris.

Keep in mind that some pets may not be able to cope with the noise and constant appearance of strangers. If your pets are known to become anxious or overly excited in the situations, you may want to board them for the duration of the installation.