Maintenance Needs Of A Swimming Pool

19 November 2017
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Are you proud that the house you purchased came with a swimming pool for your family to enjoy? Does cleaning the pool need to be done because it was dirty when you purchased the house? If the pool is dirty, there might be other problems that you should be concerned about as well. Contact a contractor to inspect the swimming pool and repair any problems that he or she finds. Take a look at the content of this article to find out about a few of the maintenance services that your pool might need to be done by a professional contractor:

Check the Filter for Debris & Damage

If there is a substantial amount of debris floating in the pool water, it might be due to the filter needing maintenance. The filter is needed for capturing the debris that gets into the pool water. However, the debris is unable to leave the water if the filter is clogged up or doesn't work properly. Get the filter checked in case it is in need of being cleaned. Replacing the filter might be necessary if it is damaged.

Balance the Pool Water

Before jumping into the pool water, it is important for it to be properly balanced. Balanced water is needed for your safety, such as for killing bacteria. There must be a sufficient amount of chlorine in the water, but not too much. Balanced pool water can also prevent rails, ladders, and other parts from corroding in an untimely manner.

Seal Up Cracks in the Pool's Shell

A contractor can drain all of the dirty water out and search for cracks in the shell of the pool. Cracks can be sealed up to prevent debris from getting stuck in them and harming your feet in the water. If the cracks are large and there are a lot of them, consider getting pool resurfaced.

Secure the Drain Covers

Drain covers are important, as someone can get seriously injured without them. Ask a contractor to secure the covers if they are loose. He or she might suggest that the drain covers are replaced if they are corroded or have other problems. The covers can prevent hair and limbs from getting suctioned by the drains when people are swimming in the pool. Drains without secure covers on them are especially harmful to small children, as the suctioning action is strong enough to hold small children under the water.

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