Want To Replace Your Shower? 4 Features Worth Adding

30 April 2018
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If you have a single bathroom in your home, you may know that it gets used a lot every day. Even though your family may be content with its functionality, this does not mean that you should avoid making changes. A great example of a remodeling project worth taking on is improving the shower. If you have a standard shower without any special features, you can add new features.

1. Linear Drain

While a shower can be functional while having a center drain, you may be interested in adding something that is more attractive and functional. Replacing the current drain with a linear drain is an ideal option because it provides you with more flexibility to the drainage.

A huge advantage is that you can remove the drain and clean the inside to keep hair buildup from being an issue. This also helps with preventing some residue from clogging your drain. As a result, adding a linear drain will keep you from having to hire a plumber for plumbing maintenance.

2. Seating

Another way that you can improve your shower is by building a seat into the space. This will make it possible to relax when you are interested in having a hot and steamy shower. If you ever get injured, you will appreciate being able to sit down to bathe instead of having to stand up.

While having a seat will help when you are injured, you will also appreciate being able to provide for older family members who may need to sit down in the shower. This will allow you to invite them over for a multi-day trip because they will be able to clean up without any concern.

3. Storage

If you want to make your shower easier to use, you will want to incorporate built-in storage. This is important because you do not want to have belongings on the floor in the shower area. If you are replacing the shower walls, you will have an easy opportunity to build storage into a wall. You should make sure that the shelves are tall and wide enough to hold all your shower products.

4. Floor Tiling

To further improve your shower space, you should replace the shower floor with tiling. By investing in small tiles, you can provide extra protection to anyone taking a shower. This will happen because the gaps between the small tiles will make the floor more difficult to slip on.

When you want to improve your shower, you should hire a bathroom remodeling company like Four Seasons Home Products.