Renovating While Residing? Construction Site Strategies That Work

15 June 2018
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


If you have ever visited the construction site where a home or business was being constructed, you already understand how messy and disorganized these places can be. But, in addition to the disorganized appearance, a cluttered construction site can also be a safety hazard for anyone on site. This is true even when the construction zone is an occupied house that is undergoing renovations or updates while the family remains in residence.

If you are about to begin renovations on your family's home and plan to remain living there while the work is done, the following construction site strategies will help you keep clutter under control and maintain a safe zone for both everyday life and your construction project. 

Set aside a dedicated space for supply storage 

Incoming supplies for the construction project can quickly clog a construction site and create hazards for those working on site or living there. To solve this problem, homeowners should choose an ample, conveniently located space where incoming construction supplies can be stored and organized until they are needed for the project. 

Tidy up the site at the end of each work day

Keeping clutter and trash picked up and supplies organized is the best way to make sure your construction site remains safe and easy to navigate for everyone involved. To do this as efficiently as possible, consider setting aside some time at the end of every workday to: 

  • collect and dispose of material scraps, packing materials, and other refuse
  • sort and store any recyclable materials 
  • return unused or leftover materials to the supply storage area

This time period can also provide an excellent opportunity for homeowners and contractors to take inventory of their materials and make any plans necessary to have additional supplies delivered. 

Provide an easy-to-access area for waste and recyclables 

When planning a construction site that will be efficient and easy to keep tidy and organized, it is important to include an easily accessible area for managing waste and storing any recyclables that you may have from the project. In most cases, the most convenient way to do this is to rent a large roll-away dumpster sufficiently sized to hold most or all of the trash and old building materials from your project. 

Dumpster rentals are available in a variety of sizes and can be emptied and replaced as needed. To learn more about renting a dumpster, or to schedule the delivery of one to your upcoming home renovation project, homeowners can contact a reputable dumpster rental company such as Keith Krupenny & Son Disposal Service Inc