The Causes Of Basement Water Leaks

14 January 2019
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You might love having a basement, but one thing you might not have planned for is the vulnerability of your basement to water leaks. When you have an ideal set up, loose soil around your home allows any water to flow away from the foundation and basement of your home. Unfortunately, soil can shift and allow water to leak into your basement.

Want to learn more about the causes of leaks in your basement? Read on to see what might be causing your problems.

Building a Basement

Sometimes, the act of building a basement is the cause of the leaks Excavation means you are moving dirt around, and backfilling soil into place against the foundation means it becomes loose. Water has an easier time permeating the soil, which absorbs the liquid and holds on to it. This is not something you want happening right next to your walls, as the water is sure to make its way back into your home.

Poor Drainage Outside

Exterior drainage can cause a significant problem for your basement. You need an exterior foundation drain installed to allow groundwater to escape easily, but even these drains can fail if they become crushed or blocked. You may need to have these drains examined for potential damage that could lead to bigger issues for your basement.

Not only do these drains become crushed or damaged by the elements, but they can also become clogged. The clogs could be the result of things like tree roots seeking water in your pipes.

Gaps and Openings Outside

Sometimes builders will leave gaps and openings during construction of your new basement. Gaps and openings are usually left at the joints of the walls and floors on purpose. The hope is that leaving gaps will prevent cracking in your concrete floors over time. Unfortunately, these gaps sometimes allow water to flow in as well. You should discuss waterproofing methods to manage these gaps in your home.

Consider Exterior Waterproofing

All of these problems become exacerbated when you consider weather conditions. Pay close attention to rain and snow that occur in your area, as they could lead to more intense leaks in your home.

The good news is that you can stop water from leaking into your basement. Investing in exterior waterproofing may be the best way to prevent your home from becoming overrun with leaks. Call a professional who understands leak protection to learn more.