Three Tips For Keeping Your Concrete Pool Deck Beautiful

27 February 2019
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As a pool owner, you know that a significant amount of time, effort, and money goes into keeping your pool looking great and working properly for your family and friends to enjoy. Your pool deck is without a doubt the most visible part of the pool, but despite their durability, concrete pool decks still require maintenance to look their best.

These three maintenance tips will help you to keep your deck in tip top shape while also allowing you to spot and repair issues as they arise.

Keep a Regular Cleaning Schedule

Concrete should generally be cleaned once or twice per year to keep it looking as good as possible. This is particularly important for pool decks, which are exposed to more moisture than other concrete surfaces, such as sidewalks or driveways. Depending on the particular style of your concrete pool deck, this damp environment can create a perfect opportunity for mold and algae to take root. Over time, this will lead to discoloration and staining that will be significantly more difficult to remove.

Luckily, cleaning your concrete deck isn't too difficult. Commercial pool deck cleaning solutions exist, but a mixture of water and bleach works as well. You can do regular cleanings using this basic solution, a garden hose, and a scrubbing broom, but you should consider doing the job with a pressure washer at least once per year.

Check for Damage and Perform Repairs Regularly

Unfortunately, concrete is almost guaranteed to crack over time. These cracks are unsightly, but they can also cause tripping hazards. This is especially dangerous on a pool deck, which will often be wet enough that noticing cracks or uneven sections can be difficult. As with cracks in automobile windshields, concrete cracks usually start as very minor problems which can grow out of control if left unrepaired.

Your regular cleaning is a perfect time to carefully examine your pool deck for cracks. If you notice new cracks, the most important thing you can do is reseal them immediately. Once water begins to infiltrate into cracks, it creates the potential for the crack to spread or for the concrete to become uneven. This is an especially serious issue if you live in a climate where the temperature falls below freezing. Of course, the cracks can also be repaired fully with concrete patching.

Reseal as Necessary

In addition to requiring cleaning and occasional repairs, stamped concrete should be resealed from time to time as well. This not only maintains its protection against water, but it keeps the deck looking fresh and new. Sealers should generally have anti-slip additives, which make your pool deck safer as well. The question of how often to reseal is a tricky one, however. Dull, faded concrete can be resealed for purely aesthetic reasons, but in general, you should expect to perform a resealing at least once every five years to keep your concrete in good shape.

Although these steps may seem like a hassle, cleaning, repairing, and ultimately resealing your deck on a regular schedule will keep it looking great for many years. If it seems like a bit too much for you to handle or if the cracks are too big, then you can always contact a pool repair service like Heritage Pool Plastering, Inc. to take care of your pool deck for you.