Garage Door Mistakes To Avoid

17 April 2019
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Your garage door is an important part of your home, but it's also easy to overlook it until something suddenly goes sideways. Your garage door requires regular maintenance and care just like every other part of your property. If you want to ensure your garage door remains in solid shape for years to come, here are some common mistakes that you should try to avoid.

Ignoring the Loud Noise or Strange Motion

Yes, your garage door likely makes a lot of noise every time it goes up and down, but there's a difference between the noise you normally hear and an abnormal or especially loud noise that suddenly shows up one day. If your garage door sounds like it is grinding on something as it moves up and down, don't just ignore the problem. An especially loud rattling noise could mean there are bolts that need tightened. A grinding noise might mean the moving parts are encountering rust or corrosion along the track. 

Even if you don't hear anything out of sorts while the door is in operation, you can manually check the door periodically by opening and closing it by hand. If the door appears to jerk around or takes any kind of strange motion, it's time to take a closer look.

Not Providing Lubrication

A garage door without lubrication is likely to make a lot of the noises we just mentioned and the lack of lubrication will also cause unnecessary wear and tear on the door's moving parts. Make sure all moving parts and the track are lubed up with silicone spray or another garage door lubricant of your choice.

Not Keeping an Eye Out for Leaves During the Fall

You should keep an eye on your garage door's track year round, but the fall in particular is well known for causing problems thanks to all of the leaves on the ground. If some of those leaves get ground up and then blown into the garage whenever the door opens, the debris could end up settling within the track. The lubricant you should be applying can even serve as a magnet or glue of sorts, making it hard for the debris to escape once it finds its way in. Sweep the track of all debris periodically to ensure smooth operation.

Not Using a Professional When You Need Help

If you do encounter any major problems while inspecting your garage door, your next course of action should be to contact a contractor who offers garage door services. Trying to tackle the problem yourself might lead to a mistake and an even more costly repair.