Times You May Want To Hire A Demolition Service

6 July 2019
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


Hiring a demolition company to help prepare a site or area for something new, is a good way to get the job done quickly and without having to spend money for tools or equipment that you don't already have. The demolition company will bring the equipment they need to the job and may have solutions that you would not have thought of. 

Concrete Removal

An old patio or sidewalk that needs removing may be difficult to do on your own. If it is a large area, the concrete may need breaking up first. The demolition company may use a jackhammer on an excavator to crack and break the concrete then load the pieces in a truck or trailer with a loader so they can be hauled away. 

For smaller areas, a handheld jackhammer may work more efficiently than the one mounted on a large machine. If the area the concrete is located in has limited access, the only option may be to break up the concrete with the handheld tool and hauling it out of the area with a small skid steer loader. 

Building Removal

Removing an entire structure from an area or property is best accomplished with an experienced demolition crew. The crew may remove some items from the building first, then take the entire building down for you. For very large structures, you may need a crew that can work with dynamite and has experience blasting the base of the structure to bring it down.

This kind of demolition requires special permits and extensive knowledge of engineering and building construction for this to work properly. If you have a large building that you are considering having removed in this way, do some research into companies near you to find out who has the best references and has been successful with similar projects. 

Recycling and Reclaiming Materials

There are demolition companies out there that will remove a building for the material in it. An old barn can be a wealth of old timber, a house may have old doors, moldings, and trim that is hard to find, or old manufacturing facility could be full of special hardwoods. All of these materials have special character, and to the right buyer, are worth a lot of money. A demolition company that can remove the material and resell it may agree to remove the structure for a small fee or even at no cost if you let them take the material from the building. For more information, reach out to demolition services near you.