How To Decide If It's Time For New Siding

30 September 2019
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Siding does more than give your home a uniform look. It protects your home from the elements, keeping out water and preventing damage to the structure beneath. If you have wood siding on your home, the maintenance required to keep the siding in good shape takes some work. Wood siding needs to be replaced about every ten years and painted over when there are chips and there is peeling. If your home is covered in vinyl siding, this can last many years depending on the thickness and grade of the material. If your siding is no longer protecting your home, it's time to talk with siding services and see what your options are.

When Your Siding Is Damaged

Siding can get damaged from a bad storm or over time from exposure to harsh elements. If you have cracks in your siding, the section with cracks should be replaced right away. If you have cracks throughout your siding, you will need to get your entire siding replaced in order to protect your home effectively.

If Utility Bills Begin to Soar

One indication that your insulation and siding needs to be replaced is if you begin to see a large increase in your heating and cooling bills. You may also notice a breeze coming from your walls, which makes it clear that your insulation and siding are not working. Get your siding checked when you see heating or cooling bills go up suddenly.

If You Want New Siding

If you have wood siding on your home and you are tired of the work it takes to maintain your home's exterior, it's time to invest in low-maintenance vinyl siding. Your home will look great once the siding job is done, and you will have siding that is going to look great for decades. There's no reason you are stuck with wood siding on your home if you don't want to deal with the maintenance that comes with it.

If You Want To Update Your Home

When you are looking for a way to increase the curb appeal of your home and give it an updated look, new siding has a big impact. You can choose from a wide range of colors, giving your home a new appearance.

If you are thinking about new siding, it's time to see what siding services can do for you. Whether your siding is damaged or you want a new kind of siding, you can update your home with new siding. Reach out to companies like Weather-Tek Home Remodeling Center for more information.