Things To Know About Wind Damage To Your Home's Siding

5 November 2019
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As a homeowner, you may enjoy gusts of wind because of how they make the trees in your yard sway or cause the leaves on the ground to blow around. There's little doubt that wind can be nice to experience, but it can cause problems for your house. One concern that you should always have is how the wind might be affecting the siding of your residence. This is especially something to think about if your house gets a lot of wind — perhaps because there's a large open space around it. Here are some things that every homeowner should know about wind and siding.

Why It Happens

There are a few potential reasons that wind can damage the siding of your home. If you have an older house and the siding is brittle in areas — something that can happen as a result of prolonged sun exposure — it can become so weak that a gust of wind can cause it to crack or snap. In such a scenario, the wind can lift a damaged section of siding, thus causing more siding to pull away from the house. Wind-related siding damage can also occur if the siding was incorrectly installed.

How To Notice It

There are a couple of ways that you can notice siding damage, which is important because catching the problem early on is critical. When you're indoors on a windy day, pay attention to any strange noises that you hear from immediately outside of your home. If you hear a banging sound, for example, it could be from a section of siding that has come loose and is flapping against the side of the house. When you're outdoors in calmer conditions, run your hands along the siding to note its integrity. If a section moves or lifts, you've got a problem.

What It Can Lead To

Wind-damaged siding is a problem because of what it can lead to. When a section of siding is loose, it isn't protecting the wall beneath it. The most obvious concern is that water can get beneath the siding when there are openings. Rot will occur, and while it won't happen overnight, the problem can be major if the issue has gone on for a long time without you dealing with it. If you've noticed signs of siding damage or have questions about your home's vinyl siding, speak to a siding contractor to learn more.