Opting For Round Handrails For A Deck

14 July 2020
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


The perk of having a deck is that you can get a better view of the scenery, which can be nice if you have a nicely groomed backyard. Due to a deck being elevated, it can be a safety hazard if the proper measures are not taken to keep everyone safe while spending time on it. If you are getting a deck constructed and have not decided on the type of handrails to get installed, it is a decision that should be given careful thought, even if it doesn't seem important. For example, you might think that as long as the rails are secure, it doesn't really matter which type is installed. However, there are some handrails that are more ideal to install than others, such as the round ones.

Cleaning the Handrails Will Be Easier

One aspect of owning a deck is that it comes with occasional maintenance, including taking care of the handrails. Some types of handrails requires more maintenance than others, such as wood that is at risk of getting damaged by pests and moisture. No matter which material is chosen for your rails, cleaning them is a task that should be done. The perk of handrails that are round is that they will be easier to clean than the square ones. The reason why is because the rounded shape of the rails makes it easy to use a damp cloth and thoroughly clean them by quickly rotating it around.

Round Handrails Are Appealing

Another good reason to consider getting round handrails installed on your deck is the beauty that they have. It is more common for people to install square handrails, so you will be somewhat unique by opting for the round ones. The shape alone will be appealing, but you can also add to the beauty of the rails by getting designs painted on them. Another perk of opting for round rails is that they can be made with more bendable materials than what the square type is usually made with, which will give you more options when it comes to their appeal.

There Will Be a Better Grip on the Rails

Round handrails can offer more security than the square ones due to how they are able to conform to the natural shape of a hand when it is making a fist. For example, when you wrap your hand around a round rail, you are able to fully grip it in a comfortable manner. On the other hand, when gripping a square rail, you can hold on but the corners can feel uncomfortable.

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